Surviving autism means one has to learn to laugh at everyday life. Below are some stories of everyday life that at the time weren’t funny but we can now look back and laugh on. Please feel free to e-mail me your stories and I will add them to the page.

One day we were getting ready to take Philip to school and I guess he decided he wanted pancakes. He was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor with a whole box of pancake mix on the floor and he was pouring a whole bottle of syrup on top of it.

When Philip was younger, he used to like to stand up on the back of the couch looking out the window completely naked!

One day I was looking all over for Philip. When he was younger he didn’t talk at all so it was no use to call him. I looked in the kitchen and found all my pots out on the floor. This is when I realized he was sitting inside the cupboard.

When Philip was about 4 years old, he got out of the house without us knowing. We found him in the neighbors yard where he had decided to take off all his clothes. Thank goodness the neighbors weren’t home.

Philip has limited communication but it didn’t stop him from blaming his sister for eating the chocolate cake. We walked in the kitchen and there was chocolate cake everywhere, including all over Philip’s face. I asked Philip “Did you eat the cake?” He replied “NO, Tiffany.” lol

When Philip was little he loved the feel of stockings. This got us in a lot of trouble when he would go up to ladies in the checkout line and feel their legs.

Philip loves to take a bath but if not supervised, he turns the bathroom floor into a slip and slide. Soap, water and a naked butt sliding back and forth.

Philip doesn’t talk a lot but the other day he told me “no school” pretended to cough and said “sick”, that he learned quickly.

Philip’s dad had a cut on his for head. Philip went in the back room with a red marker and came out with a red mark on his forehead to match his dads.

Philip started to call himself man and saying things like “man hungry” he got a pen and wrote the word man all over his body.

Philip watched a video about baby elephants eating their mom’s poop. Now every time we are in a store he keeps saying “elephant eats poop.” We got a lot of looks.

This is more cute than funny. He had a cold in his nose and told me his nose was crying.

While having therapy, Philip stands up and removes all his clothes completely for no know reason.

This one is a friend of ours whose son is 25 also and has autism. He was getting ready to take a shower when he looks out in backyard pool and sees something floating in it. He runs out of house completely naked, jumps in cold cold water to remove it then goes back in house for shower.