ABA is a data-driven system of teaching, that focuses on breaking down skills into smaller parts and teaching them using various prompting and positive reinforcement.

For language delays, ABA therapy involves language training
(based on B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior) to teach all the different functions (meanings) of words. First of all, the child is taught to ask for things that he wants using vocals, signs or PECS.

For deficits in academic, self-help and social skills, ABA therapy involves:

breaking skills into smaller parts, teaching each sub-skill at a time,

repeated practice until mastery,

use of prompting and prompt fading techniques as necessary, and

use of positive reinforcement (rewards).

For the reduction of problem behaviors, ABA therapy involves

* an analysis of the situation in which the problem behavior occurs

* an analysis of the consequences that maintain the behavior, and

* implementation of a program to teach appropriate replacement behaviors

(Autism Early Intervention Clinics)

Verbal Behavior is ABA with an emphasis on verbal behavior.